Eadric the Potter


We provide the highest quality reenactment goods for the European and Colonial American reenactment community.
From the 3rd to the 18th Century, we can supply tableware, serving peices, cookware, and a variety of other househld goods.
All our work is researched and documentation can be made availible upon request.
Custom orders are welcome; we are happy to work with you on an order.
All ceramics intended for use with food are made from modern, non-toxic materials and are made to sanitary standards.

We are reenactors, and we are accustomed to working to the standards of various reenactment groups.

We also regularly provide instruction and demonstrations in how to use pottery cookware, specifically for open-fire and hearth cookery.



Cookware and Flameware

Ceramic cooking vessels for use on the hearth and in the fire. These items are designed to be used for cooking in a historically accurate setting, using period mthods and techniques.




Eating and serving dishes that allow you to capture the look and the feel of the tables of a bygone era.



Household Goods

A variety of kitchen items and other household goods.